Off Limits Lover

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Is love worth risking the biggest leap of faith of your life?

Off Limits Lover

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Originally published by Moonlit Romance as Taking The Leap, this was the first book I ever had accepted by a publisher. I'm delighted that it's now come back to life with the very wonderful! Here's what the reviewers had to say:


Judy Jarvie writes an excellent romance about two people who are so real we can't help but relate to them in some way. This is a unique taile as it tells of people who have adopted because of infertility. This is a superb romance with some suspense. It's set in a small village in Scotland with dialect and local color that enhance the tale. *****The Romance Studio


And here's some blurb:


Practice nurse Anya Fraser's adopted son is at the centre of her life. But when her new senior partner, Dr Max Calder arrives at work, distracting her in too many ways, suddenly her anti-relationship mantra isn't working. Max volunteers to help her succeed at the charity parachute jump she's so terrified of and attraction simmers from the off. Taking a leap of faith has never proved so scary nor so attractive -- how will they cope with the challenge of working together and taking to the skies? And resisting a future their pasts taught them to avoid?






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